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The Amics de la Unió Music School was established in academic year 1996/ 1997 in order to provide musical studies adapted to the LOGSE phase of secondary education (up to 16 years of age). From the outset, classes have been combined with the organisation of activities and musical ensembles. This is how the different choirs, orchestras, chamber groups came about, and the first recitals, concerts, competitions, trips and weekends away were set up. Today, music theory is offered both in the musical research room and through a choice of several different instruments. Our experience has transformed the school, making it an active, modern and participative centre and above all, one that is open to new suggestions.
Since academic year 2013/ 2014, the Amics de la Unió Music School is formally approved as an official music by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of the autonomous community of Catalonia) with code number 08074100.

The school has several different music groups, divided according to age and level:
  • Minimúsics (from 3 to 5 years): The youngest children start to work on musical awareness through listening, rhythm, play, improvisation and movement. Creativity, psychomotor skills and an ability to concentrate are developed, as well as social relationships.
  • Inicis (from 6 to 8 years): In this course, the pupils work in three different areas to an equal extent, acquiring in this way their first notions of reading and writing music. They learn to sing in a choral setting and in group lessons, they begin to learn about playing instruments.
  • Elemental Level (from 9 to 12 years): music theory and reading music is studied in more depth; choral singing, performance and playing an instrument are strengthened, as time is dedicated to each discipline separately. In addition, students begin to use the musical research room, where theoretical concepts are applied on a keyboard.
  • Intermediate Level (from 13 years): After the elemental level, there is the option of continuing to study music theory, choral singing and harmony in greater depth. Students who are competent and who wish to, can prepare for the access test in order to study at an official music conservatory.
  • Young people and adults. Because it is never too late to start music, we have groups for young people over 12 years and for adults who wish to study music theory.
As well as music theory, we also offer both individual and group instrumental lessons for several different instruments such as accordion, bass guitar, cello, clarinet, double bass, classical and electric guitar, drums, flute, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, viola, violin, voice.

An in addition to the usual classes, the school organises various activities throughout the year to encourage its students to be creative and to strengthen social relationships. So every year we organise a composition competition, group outings to concerts, recitals, trips, weekends away, summer courses…

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